The IPATCH Vision

Intelligent Piracy Avoidance using Threat detection and Countermeasure Heuristics

Detecting a piracy threat in good time is of utmost importance to vessels in high-risk areas.
The IPATCH system will use advanced sensors and data fusion to provide the Master of the ship with the information needed to decide how best to mitigate the threat, be that calling for assistance or bringing the crew into the secure citadel.

Data Fusion

The on-board system will analyse and fuse information from advanced radar and optronic sensors, also combining it with data from bridge systems (such as AIS) and knowledge from international databases.

Threat Detection

360° situational awareness and behaviour modelling will enable the system to automatically recognise and warn the Master and crew of potentially threatening behaviours towards the vessel.


Decision Support

A decision support tool will support the ship's Master and crew in selecting possible countermeasures specific to the situation and provide guidance to implement them quickly and effectively.

Latest News

IPATCH Results Published on CORDIS

Posted Thursday, November 2, 2017